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From Models to Prototypes – Exploring Digital Continuity and Collaboration through the Parametric Design of a Pavilion

The design studio was set up as a semester long, masters level collaborative design studio module which aimed to:
- investigate and explore various applications of parametric design and digital production technologies in Architecture, in a collaborative design setting.
- to explore methods and tools related to innovative topics of the architectural discipline.
- to explore translating computer generated design into built architectural objects through digital fabrication.
- to critically understand and appreciate the importance of the process on the creation of the architectural product

The brief comprised of the design, development and production of a temporary Pavilion through an “informed design” process. Informed design emphasized the process of gathering, selecting, embedding and sharing “design information”. In this particular context, the design information related to a range of issues such as day-lighting, energy use, structural stability, local climate conditions. Using parametric design tools, we aimed to optimize and selectively share, control and parametrically link such information to the evolution of the product geometry.

The studio comprised of 33 students, coming from varying professional and educational backgrounds (related to design and construction); such as Architecture, Building Surveying, Architectural Technology, Product Design, Civil Engineering, etc.


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