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Wikis are flexible on-line platforms that allow the creation of interlinked sites and upload of contents. For the purpose of this project, the University of Liverpool’s Blackboard system hosted the Wiki sites as part of the module documentation.

Wiki Setting

Each of the 10 design groups were asked to create an online digital portfolio (embedded into Blackboard and set as wiki-sites for each individual group) to manage, coordinate and document their design process and team interaction during the life-cycle of the design process. The digital portfolios of each group were composed of both individual and team input. The students were required to use multi-modal representations, to articulate both the knowledge they have acquired throughout the "collaborative" design process and the relationship of this knowledge to the evolution of the design arteact. In other words, the use of the digital portfolios were not only limited to the "display" of the design artefact information produced, but were also utilized to "personalize, share, reflect and display what they (each group) have learned and produced collectively.

The learned elements (knowledge) displayed/represented in the digital portfolios were required to be structured and interlinked in such a way that different design knowledge could be compiled, organized, represented and shared selectively. At key times during the semester, students were asked to share their wikis in conversations with their tutors and peers.


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