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The following analyses are based on two different sets of semi-structured interviews with both students and staff involved in the design studio. Interviews were conducted with both individual students and with groups. The interviews aimed at collecting and comparing different experiences, perceptions, and uses of the wikis throughout the studio. The findings have later been mapped to the pedagogical approach explored in the design studio and have been evaluated according to the extent to which the use Wikis have contributed to the individual, collaborative and guided dimensions of learning.

The design studio consisted of 33 students and 2 instructors. Interviews were conducted with the participation of 15 students both individually and in groups. The average length was 32 minutes per interview. For online information gathering, every Wiki and its constituent sites were surveyed.

Semi-structured interviews
Students took part in the interviews on a voluntary basis. All signed ethical consent forms before each interview in compliance with the guidelines of the University of Liverpool and the British Educational Researchers Association (BERA, 2011).
Every interview comprised 3 stages: the explanation of the research project (aim and objectives), the explanation of the ethical consent form (which data we are collecting, for which purpose and how we are going to use it, anonymity and identity protection procedures, among others), and finally the interview which was recorded using a laptop and a voice recording application. Interviews were conducted by a research assistant (Alejandro Veliz) and not by the tutors of the design studio in order to avoid response bias. The interviews were organised in 3 sets of questions: the students’ background and motivations, their previous knowledge about technologies and social media, and thier overall experience with the use of Wikis throughout the studio course.


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